Welcome to Design Zero…

Quite simply, we offer photographic services to individuals and companies.

Anyone that is looking for exciting images for whatever the project is – promotional images for, fashion, hair beauty and the music industry. We typically to work for nightclubs, hair salons, websites, fashion houses, record labels, clothing lines, jewellery designers, clothing retailers and model agencies. If you have any project that you want to chat with us about - then feel free to get in touch.

We do commissioned work for companies looking for promotional and advertising images.

We also provide models and their agents with portfolios.

Even if you don’t have any experience as a model and want to get a portfolio together then we are always delighted to help.

It’s pretty simple really. We don’t take wedding photographs, nor family portraits. We don’t take pictures of your pets…

In fact that there’s quite a lot we don’t do. Also, we what we do might not suit everyone…. We stick to what we know, We stick to what we are good at. We mostly do portrait, fashion photography and what is generally called “glamour” photography. So, if you have a project that you would like us to work on then please feel free to get in touch.

(Here’s the good bit).

Because we only do the things we like…. Our rates are incredibly competitive- as no one really wants to pay an absolute fortune for some photographs - to keep things really simple… we offer two basic photographic and imaging packages. There’s no hidden costs, no “extras”, no contracts with a host of “hidden” clauses, no payments for processing time. It’s dead simple and dead clear really…

Typical “package” costs are:

Portfolio/Commercial Package One

£250.00 for half day shoot time. This will include a cd of all images taken, airbrushed, tidied and fully processed. For example, if you are a model wanting a basic portfolio to “get you started” then this package is ideal, you are only paying for the shoot time –it will realistically cover 4 different “looks” and styles. If you are a clothing manufacturer or retailer then basically it works exactly the same way and we can find the models if you want (they do need to be paid too but we can agree a favourable rate on your behalf).

Portfolio/Commercial Package Two

£500.00 for full day shoot time. Again this will include a cd of all images taken, airbrushed, tidied and fully processed.

These rates assume the shoot takes place at our location in central Cambridge, United Kingdom (which is around a 45 minute train journey from Kings Cross, London, or 30 minutes drive from Stansted Airport).

We can also travel to you too, as long as travel costs are covered (however travel costs are reasonable and we rarely expect to travel by sedan chair with several footmen in attendance).

Obviously, for location work and other bespoke commissioned commercial work then please contact us directly for a formal estimate of costs.

So there you go.

The catch? We are by no means “hired guns” – so on paid work whoever engages us on a project must allow us the flexibility to approach things in our own way and because we are not daft, you can rest assured we will be mindful of any brief given.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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